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    Working principle and structural composition of tire chopping machine

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    Working principle and structural composition of tire chopping machine

    Date of issue:2019-07-08 Authors: Click:

    The working principle of the tire grilling machine:

    The role of the tire picking machine is to pick up the tire and the upper tire. The price of the tire picking machine is mainly composed of a frame, a pressure plate, a pressure cylinder, a support cylinder, a walking cart and a hydraulic system. An auxiliary oil cylinder is arranged on each side of the central oil cylinder in parallel, the pressure plate is vertically connected with the central oil cylinder, the two auxiliary cylinders are vertically connected with the ring hook carriage, and a ring hook slideway is arranged in the ring hook carriage. Through the interaction of the pressure plate and the ring-hook carriage device, the hydraulic system controls the completion of tire disassembly.

    The tire cutting machine has high working efficiency, strong adaptability, and does not damage the tire during disassembly. It can be widely used in the disassembly of large automobile tire rims in metallurgical, chemical, coal, and water conservancy operations.

    Structural composition of tire grilling machine:

    1. Host machine workbench; the tires are mainly dismantled on this workbench, which is mainly used for placing tires and rotating.

       2. Separation arm; on the side of the tire removal machine, it is mainly used to separate the tire from the rim, and the tire removal is performed smoothly.

       3. Charge and deflate device; it mainly releases the air of the tire to facilitate inflation or disassembly. In addition, there is a barometer to measure air pressure. General tires are at about 2.2 atmospheres, which is also equal to 0.2Mpa.

       4. Foot pedal; There are 3 foot pedal switches under the tire changer, which are used to rotate the switch clockwise and counterclockwise, separate the tightening switch, separate the rim and the tire switch.

       5. Lubricating fluid; it is helpful for tire disassembly and assembly, reduces damage during tire disassembly, and makes tire disassembly and assembly better.

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